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Living in Fribourg

It's been a while since I have written anything here. I'm sorry! It has been crazy moving to a new country, and honestly, I got wrapped up in the excitement of being somewhere new. I'm back now, though, and ready to tell you all about this little city that I get to call home for the next 6 months.

Fribourg is a medieval city that is surrounded by a river on three sides and has an ancient wall wrapping around most of the city areas. The county of Fribourg sits just on the edge of the alps. On a sunny day, you can see them in the distance. Switzerland is divided into French, German, and Italian speakers based on which border you are closer to. Here in Fribourg, the majority of the population speaks French. This is perfect for me because I am fluent in French, or at least I used to be in middle school so, I get to practice. At the very least, I can communicate effectively with my neighbors and teammates.

I live in the part of the city called Basse-Ville, or the Lower City, which is the oldest part of town. You can only get to my little studio apartment by traveling down past the walls right next to the river. This means that for me to get to the gym, I have to walk up a ridiculous amount of stairs. Here in the Basse-Ville, the architecture is more traditional, and there are small cobblestone streets. I know the owners of the cafes, butcher, bakery, and corner store because not only do I see them every day on my daily walk to the gym, but they are also my neighbors. Coming to the Basse-Ville from the Upper city feels like walking back in time. The air is filled with the smell of wood furnaces, church bells ring out from every corner, with monks in brown habits and nuns walking the streets. At night time, the old gas lamps that have been refurbished begin to light up the fog that settles over the river and my home. It makes me feel like I am living in a Bram Stoker novel.

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My apartment is small, almost smaller than my room in college. I have a king-sized bed that takes up the majority of my room. To put that in perspective, I can see my entire kitchen, and I can touch my dining table while sitting on the edge of my bed. My bathroom is actually spacious, but the shower is small to the point that the shower curtain is always touching me somewhere. Shaving my legs is a disaster so if you see me out here looking like Sasquatch.... mind your own business. There is also virtually no storage in my apartment, especially in the kitchen. I have one full-sized cabinet for dishes and a 1/4 cabinet for spices so, if my food doesn't fit in the fridge, it stays on my counter. My closet is a two-part combination of a media cabinet that people would use to store CDs and maybe a stereo (I'm not sure what those are used for anymore, to be honest), and a small wardrobe that has two shelves and enough room to hang 5 jackets. There is no tv.

Now, it might seem like this is terrible, but honestly, it's my home. It might be small, but it's mine, and it actually gives me a lot of joy. Whether it's cooking apple pies on the weekends, retreating to my over-sized bed for an afternoon nap, or sitting at my table writing at the end of the day. These are the little moments that I have come to appreciate, especially since Covid-19 started. Not to mention that it's easy to keep such a small place clean.

So, now you've had a glimpse into my life here in Fribourg, Switzerland. I will make sure to write more about the gym, my team, and the rest of my adventures soon!


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