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Next Stop - Fribourg

There are very few moments in this world where you can palpably feel the course of your life change. You might experience it when you meet the love of your life or when taking the first steps away from a bad situation. These pivotal moments mark a new beginning that carries the weight of, for lack of a better word, destiny. For me, I got that feeling when boarding the plane to Austria on my way to my dream job. How many people have the opportunity to follow their dreams and see them become a reality?

The Final Episode Of "Off The Court"

Quarantine has been a time for people across the globe to explore their passions and try new things. It was no different for me. I got into baking, art, built a website, and collaborated with a brand for my line of clothing that you will be able to access from my online store soon. However, the creation and completion of "Off The Court with Ace Konig" is by far my best accomplishment.

Dreaming of Switzerland

I am a professional athlete. It's strange to finally be able to say that out loud when it used to be the dream of the 12-year-old girl that would work-out in the rain alone at Hickey Park in Coquitlam, BC, imagining every puddle was a defender and every shot a game-winner. Back then, "I want to be a professional athlete" was something that I would say with self-conscious anxiety, almost afraid to give substance to a dream that seemed so far away.

Saying The Things That Need To Be Said

It is hard to fathom the fear and pain the black community is experiencing right now, knowing that you are a target because of the color of your skin is something that I will never experience because of my privilege. It is, however, easy to understand their anger.

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